What We Do


Ideologio is a truly multidisciplinary design team working at the forefront of tech innovation providing user centred design, graphics and prototyping. Maybe it’s best to explain what we do with some recent examples:

  • We’ve been supporting the Farrington-based Whitespace software to create a family of iOS apps aimed at the insurance services industry. Insurtech is fast becoming a thriving sector within Fintech and we help innovate interfaces that enable easy the data entry and contract filling.
  • We have been helping the Shoreditch pharmaceutical Small Pharma define their identity and visualise their strategy, build their website and  publications with rich visuals, videos and infographics.
  • We helped Fintech start up Moenia Partners to create an interactive prototype for their ambitious property investment concept that helped them attract investors and refine their strategy.
  • We led the design of Nat Rothchilds transportation apps for iOS and Android, including a payment app and an advanced sharing Black Cab App for London from 2012-2015 (NDA).

With a strong experience in information design we enjoy to simplify complex problems with visual means. Fluent in most contemporary media, we have worked across branding, graphic design, photography and video. Since 2012 we have been primarily focusing on UX and UI design for iOS and web apps in industries such as military, fintech, insurtech, transport.  



Recent Projects