Wine map of the Peloponnese

It's been a while since I did a research driven work, but our client Makrus Stolz came to us with a project that was so exiting to do that I couldn't let go. We designed an A1 poster that displays all the wine grape varieties that are cultivated in the region of Peloponnese in Greece in a visual and informative way. We worked long hours for a week but the article received an extraordinary response from the wine audience given the subject was very, very niche. Since being published last week, there have been over 1500 views, 600 downloads, 64 tweets and 74 Facebook shares, and counting...

It takes a bit of skill and talent to bring tedious facts visually alive in such a way that people not only consume them, but also share the info with others. This is exactly what happened with this wine map.”
— Markus Stolz,

Information design brings order and meaning to data revealing what is important. Illustration gave charm to an otherwise boring government info. Most importantly, we designed this map and 12 page PDF, to share and reveal some interesting but hidden facts about the wines of the Peloponnese. See pages from the PDF below.

The information on the wines isn't easy to find and but it is even harder to read, if you find it. What we tried to do, is to display information in a simple and engaging way, in an effort to promote this truly exciting region of wine making. We were ourselves amazed by the fact that 91% of cultivated vines in the region are indigenous grape varieties, counting for one third of Greek wine production. Most of grapes unknown even to the most educated oenophiles, with names like 'Skilopnichtis' (which is slang for 'dodgy vessel') and 'Sklava' (meaning 'female slave'), that would even surprise Greek people. Peloponnese is home to Ancient Olympia where the Olympic flame is lit and the Epidaurus Amphitheatre. It is one of the richest wine producing regions on the planet. Wine has been a part of its culture for thousands of years and is mentioned in various myths and stories.

You can download and share the factsheet bellow. Stay tuned for more work like this...

Note: If you get a chance you should try the up-and-coming the Moschofilero of Mantinia (white) and Agiorgitiko of Nemea (red). If you are in London like us, you can try them at Maltby&Greek during weekends at Maltby Str Market in Bermondsey.