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Every industry is now being transformed by ambitious start-ups who challenge traditional thinking. Small Pharma is a young London company aiming to fill the gaps in the Pharmaceutical industry providing treatments in areas that are underserved by big Pharma corporates, namely, solutions for niche patient groups. 

We helped them design a new identity expressing a set of values that will set the company apart from the traditional pharmaceutical look and feel. Key aspects of the job were to design a logo that is consumer facing, distinct and friendly. The brief also mentioned the phonetic association between the words 'Pharma' and 'Farmer' that could potentially be used as inspiration for a Farmer character that could act as a mascot of the company.

I am so pleased with the logo and your entire response to the brief. I have enjoyed this process more than I expected. You should also know that I think you have been outstandingly professional throughout- exceeding our expectations at every turn. I hope this is a first step in a long collaboration.
— Peter Rands, Small Pharma founder

You can see the finished product for yourself at

The farmer logo was created by combining elements form the farmer (hat) and the pharma (molecule) with a big smiley face that makes it friendly and welcoming. Transparency is a fundamental value of the Small Pharma brand and we though there is something strong about the Farmer and his family sharing their stories.

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Small Pharma brand typography

After identifying core values and understanding the vision of the company and the sector we started compiling visual mood boards and conducted research. Since it is our first project in this industry we spent enough time to understand the sector. Pharma is a quite complex high-risk high-profit industry that is often associated with innovation. We also realised that is lead by aggressive corporate ethic and most organisations are large and faceless something that carries a negative perception by consumers.

Our task has been to create an expression of the company's vision in the most compelling way, creating a symbol that tells a story and is not merely an abstract manifestation of science. We focused on creating a 'friendly' mark as this was a core value and we proposed a couple of options for a visual direction. One of them, the farmer, was chosen after listening carefully to the comments of a group of about one hundred people who took part in the research. 

We matched the symbol with a beautiful slab serif font that is both friendly and sophisticated. The bright blue is clearly pharma, balancing the adventures logo direction and helping to contextualise the brand.

ideologio and Small Pharma teams working

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