Small Pharma design


Since April 2015, we have been working with Small Pharma to develop their identity and create a visual language that is inline with the new company's values and strategy. We have helped the team utilise design as a key strategic tool and have been developing illustrations, infographics and graphic assets that can be then used in a number of media creating a distinctive identity.  We are excited that the feedback has been so positive while we helped create a very distinctive image from the competition in the industry. 

It is easy to undervalue design in an early stage company. But in fact it is hard to think of anything that has had a more formative impact. I estimate that over half of the investors, partners and advisers we have spoken with took the meeting, at least in part, on the strength of the design that Ideologio has created for us.
— Peter Rands, Managing Director

Meeting weekly, we work-shopped the strategy into clear drawings and infographics that helped the team articulate and refine it. We suggested a digital PDF prospectus to be the primary medium for distribution to stakeholders and investors and used the content strategy for building the second phase of the website. We carefully listened to the feedback before moving on to creating  a confidential documents for key investors. The strategy has proven very successful so far and we look forward for the next phase of design development for the Small Pharma brand.


Some pages from the Small Pharma prospectus Part I