A pink jelly fish for Whitespace

When we were approached by software company Whitespace in Farringdon to come up with visual ideas for their new website, we started researching themes that have to do with technology and insurance, as the software company has been providing the insurance business with vital tools for the past 20 years. 

We love a hands-on approach and pitched to hold a photogram workshop right at the Whitesapce offices, getting everyone involved in creating the new look and feel of the site. 

And so we arrived with our portable darkroom and set up our tent fully fitted with an enlarger and trays of chemicals to get our photogram production going. We were met with great enthusiasm by the staff, who had all come prepared with a collection of objects to place under the enlarger and indulge into abstract image making, something software engineers hardly do at work.

A few hours later, the office started to fill up with great photograms created by the Whitespace staff and us. At the end of the day we returned with a full box of prints to our studio. These were then digitised and altered, and we created a series of colourful collages from the initially black and white photograms. 

We used a neon colour palette to emphasise on the technology element and give a contemporary feel to the new site while fading the colours so the images work fantastically as banner images with text on the top.