iOS App for insurance corporation - work in progress

We are working with Whitespace software in Farringdon to create a native iOS app for their client, a large insurance corporation (TBA). The app is an analytics and communication tool that enables insurance underwriters to get real-time information on risks and make better decisions, from their phone or tablet. We are focusing on a simplified graphical interface that is serving the heavy data in a hierarchical and easy to consume way.

The most important aspect of the app is the communication capacity that enables underwriters from corporate offices around the world to comment and rate risks in real time and therefore make better decisions. Using beautiful infographics in a simple interface we are aiming to create a family of apps for HD phones and tablets that will provide access to data and communication to teams, underwriters and managers.

So far, we have designed a working prototype that pulls data from the corporation databases and using feedback to fine tune the interface and meet the needs of core users.