Chatty Feet Photography

It all started as a big mystery.... Gil Kahana and Humberto De Sousa, the founders of ChattyFeet, kept the idea of their newly launched sock business a secret for as long as you can keep such a genius idea a secret for. For month on end the duo worked long hours after their day-jobs, missed cinema trips and pints in the pub to complete their first collection of socks. Less than a year into the business, they managed to fund a second collection with the help of Kickstarter. Needless to say we were very happy when the phone rang in July, to ask us to collaborate on a photo shoot for the new collection! The characters are all very animated, so we decided to create a 'happening' around the shoot and let the sock characters do the talking and some of the art direction. As friends young and old gathered one sunny afternoon at Southwark park, ready to put their feet into the new collection of ChattyFeet characters, we started shooting... Don Cottone found himself eyeing some delicious cupcakes, Mr Zukkato tried the open-air gym, Sigmund had his portrait painted and Brad Feet enjoyed the newspaper.

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