How to export delicious bookmarks to XML and import to Evernote, no limits, no coding

How to import delicious to evernote
How to import delicious to evernote

Bit of a geeky post this one, but I spent a couple of hours last night trying to finally switch away from Not super easy! Hopefully this post will save some time to those of you who have over 1000 bookmarks on delicious and want to import them, including tags, to a platform such as Evernote, that requires a different format than the native HTML that Delicious is exporting.

I started from Dr. Palaniraja’s article but I had an issue with the 1000 bookmark limit plus think I found a faster method not involving code - at all. (Using Dr. Palaniraja’s filters)

01 Go to this address where 5000 is the limit of the bookmarks you have. You'll be prompted to log in with your Delicious account. Make this number bigger than your total bookmarks. You should have an XML of your Delicious now.

02 Copy the content (excluding the first line) and paste it into this for mac or that for windows. Press the button to convert the code, then copy paste into a plain text editor and save as with extension .enex

03 Drag file into Everyone (or import with tags turned on)

That should be it!

I liked Delicious and have been using it since 2007 but after it was bought by Yahoo it lost its usability and vibe. I was looking for an alternative to record my web findings and I've now switched to evernote hoping that will serve me well for that purpose. Still waiting to see easy ways to bookmark from iOS chrome though!

This is an unusual post for our studio blog, but just to make it more relevant here are my delicious Bookmarks, you should be able to find loads of cool stuff on branding design, typography and plenty more. So long delicious...

References: API on github