B Magazine interview

Spyros Zevelakis on B Magazine
Spyros Zevelakis on B Magazine

B Magazine is publishing issues on the coolest brands. It's a Korean and English print magazine dedicated to the story, product, fans of fascinating brands like Ray-Ban, Freitag, LEGO and so many others. I have to admit, I'm also obsessed about certain brands that manage to tell an inspiring story, often through great uncompromised design. As a designer specialising in brand identity, I read the B magazine to get inspiration and quite objective insights for these world class names.

The current issue of B Magazine is on Google, and I was asked for an interview as a 'google generation' designer that's using their services and designed fonts for them. I know it's not the most design aware company in the world but is a trusted super-brand that took the world by a storm - hard to avoid using their products. I am using so many of their services even though I am frustrated about their user experience in many occasions (come on AdWords and +google you can do better!).

You can find B Magazine in London Magma stores or order online. Here is a list of where to buy.

B Magazine's 28th edition video teaser.